Traditions at Heritage

Emilia Missing, Writer

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Throughout a student’s high school experience, many events are offered to make the most of their four years. In every season, certain sports are offered. The sport with the biggest turnout at Heritage happens to be football. The student section for these games is called “The Chaos Crew” and every game, there is a different theme to dress up to. This unites the student body, as the other team can feel intimidated by the unity of the school.

Every year, the Homecoming dance offers students a way to start the year off on a new foot. The week of Homecoming is the most anticipated week of the whole school year. “Why is that,” one might ask. Well, spirit week has a different theme each day. This year, the week started out with Pajama Day. On Tuesday, it was Generations Day (Freshmen dressed as babies, Sophomores dressed up as toddlers, Juniors dressed up as adults, and Seniors dressed up as senior citizens). Wednesday was Olympic/Team Day and Thursday was Out of this World Day. Friday, the last day was Class Color Day; the Freshmen wore white, the Sophomores wore black, the Juniors wore red, and following tradition, the Seniors wore togas. The whole point of this week, is to go all out and just have some fun. It was fun to see all the people that dressed up, and the people that did not.

Also, at the beginning of every year, Heritage holds a club fair. All of the clubs offered at Heritage set up a booth by the cafeteria. This allows everyone, including the new Freshmen, to see the new clubs. Joining a club is very important because it connects people and helps students interact with the school. This also helps the students meet new people that they have something in common with.

Every season, there is also a pep rally. Pep rallies open your eyes to how many people there really are at Heritage. Each class has a specific section for them to sit in: the Seniors sit in directly opposite the door, so the other grades feel intimidated. The Freshmen sit on the other side of those bleachers. The Juniors are directly opposite of the Seniors, and the Sophomores are next to them.  There are always fun games, involving teachers playing a version of a giant “Hungry Hippos” game, going on or a competition to see which class can be the loudest.

Overall, there are many ways to show school spirit. You can buy spirit wear, join a club, or go cheer on fellow members of the Pride during sporting events. You should make sure to do something fun within your high school experience.

To see how the student body feels about Heritage’s school spirit, I interviewed two Seniors, who have been coming to football games their whole school career. Hanna Custard, is a regular member of the Chaos Crew and Stefani Sawyer is a trainer for the football team.

What was your favorite spirit week day? Why?

Stefani Sawyer:Definitely generations day!! I really liked seeing all the seniors dress up like senior citizens and also how each person took it a different direction.”

Hanna Custard: Team Spirit day because it showed who was really original versus who could just wear red, white, and blue.”

How often do you go to games?

Stefani Sawyer: “I’ve gone to almost all of the football games and I love standing on the sidelines and feeling the energy from the players during the game.”

Hanna Custard: “I try to go to all of them! I love standing with the chaos crew.”

Why is school spirit important?

Stefani Sawyer:School spirit shows how an individual person feels about their school, school spirit can help each player to feel important during a game.”

Hanna Custard: “School spirit is important because it makes you feel a part of something, you’re not just doing work and showing up, you have that extra boost of confidence in what you’re doing and get a sense of pride and accomplishment by wearing the spirit wear.”

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Traditions at Heritage